Forward Loop Zero
Turn-key solutions for fast, modular IoT development
Frequently Asked Questions
Forward Loop Zero is for developers, enterprises, and enthusiasts, who want to build sensor applications without struggling with hardware, sensors, and network set-up and testing. Our hardware is delivered with an installed operating system and integrated sensors, so developers can run embedded software on devices fresh out of the box.

To make prototyping and deploying even easier, using our open-source tool, floop, developers can prototype and deploy software applications completely in their preferred language (C++, Python, Go, among others).
Once you set up an internet connection to the device, you write code on your computer and push directly to hardware from the command line using floop tool. Developers are also welcomed to create applications using their own dev tools.
Developers can select either Orange Pi Zero or Raspberry Pi Zero W with built-in wifi or optional SIM800L GSM module. All boards come with a modified Armbian or Raspbian operating system.

Peripheral sensor options include MPU9250 inertial measurement unit sensor, MLX90614 long-range infrared sensor, or AMG8833 grid-eye infrared sensor. These options provide turn-key hardware, sensor, and networking solutions for movement and infrared temperature sensing applications.

In the near future, we will offer additional boards and sensor support so developers can use Forward Loop Zero to build a wider range of sensing applications.